What we focus on


Knowledge is like a garden, if you don’t cultivate it you cannot harvest it.
– African Proverb

Drawing from this proverb, we aim to:

  • establish a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas on military ethics and professional responsibility of members of the defence community;
  • promote academic research and analysis in the field of military ethics and the law of armed conflict in accordance with the principles of human rights;
  • initiate and encourage research on the ethical traditions in Africa and worldwide as well as on behavioural norms that guide and limit the conduct of the military;
  • enhance the quality of ethics education in African armed forces;
  • support educational institutions and military command in analysis and topical studies on behaviour in military operations and how it relates to military ethics;
  • promote the harmonization of ethical principles and standards of conduct for the purpose of creating of a shared culture of responsibility, ethical thinking and behaviour; and
  • disclose knowledge about this culture to other continents via a global network of regional Societies for Military Ethics.